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Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium

The Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium is a Belgian federal institute engaged in scientific research in the field of meteorology. The institute focuses on multiple research fields such as climate projections, hydrometeorology and atmospheric modelling, among others. Within the Remote Sensing from Space Department, RMI has a unique competence at the European level for the measurement of the Earth radiation budget. RMI also has collaborated with UC3M on the topics of AI and weather, which results in one joint paper, one national project, and one EU-funded project (MAP). RMI will contribute by bringing its remote sensing expertise into the E-CONTRAIL project. The remote sensing methods and radiative transfer models will enable the measurement of contrails in the radiative forcing of the atmosphere


RMI team

Nicolas Clerbaux
  • LinkedIn

Technical Leader  on Radiative Transfer

Pierre de Buyl
  • LinkedIn

Technical Leader on Satellite Imagery

Ermioni Dimitropoulou
  • LinkedIn

Atmospheric and remote-sensing scientist

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