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Presenting the E-CONTRAIL at the Sustainable Skies Conference

CANSO and EUROCONTROL hosted the Sustainable Skies Conference: Contrails in Focus on November 7-8, 2023 in Brussels, addressing aviation's non-CO2 emissions impact, particularly contrails and cirrus clouds. Experts shared insights on contrail science, monitoring, and mitigation.

EUROCONTROL's Aviation Sustainability Unit, known for its involvement in other SESAR projects related to contrails like CICONIA and CONCERTO, recognized the online presence of the E-CONTRAIL project and invited us to take part in the conference.

Throughout the two-day event, we visited EUROCONTROL Headquarters, where renowned experts in the field:

  1. Assessed the existing knowledge regarding this subject.

  2. Investigated cutting-edge approaches for the detection and surveillance of contrails and cirrus clouds.

  3. Examined contemporary methodologies and technologies for forecasting contrail and cirrus cloud formation, as well as estimating their environmental consequences, including their interconnections with CO2 emissions.

  4. Deliberated on potential strategies for reducing contrail formation and the intricate challenges related to implementing large-scale mitigation measures.

You can access the full videos of the conference. Find the E-CONTRAIL presentation at the minute 7:26:00.

Download the agenda of the event and Manuel Soler's presentation:

Download PDF • 3.74MB

Download PDF • 746KB


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