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E-CONTRAIL Research Inspires High-Potential Students

At the Gerardo Diego High School in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, 2nd-grade secondary students embarked on an educational journey facilitated by the SESAR 3 JU-funded project E-CONTRAIL. Led by researchers Manuel Soler, Raúl Quibén Figueroa, Bun-Kim San, and Adrián Zarzoso, the event aimed to engage young intellectuals in understanding the environmental impact of aviation, particularly contrails.

Simplified presentations and interactive experiments made complex concepts accessible to the students. From creating simulated contrails to observing atmospheric behaviors, the hands-on activities provided a platform for inquiry and discovery.

This workshop, tailored for high-potential students from the Programa de Enriquecimiento Altas Capacidades (PEAC) Madrid Oeste, emphasized critical thinking and environmental awareness. By bridging education and research, the E-CONTRAIL project ignited a passion for science and climate advocacy among the attendees and introduced the latest research efforts among Madrid's up-and-coming talents.


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