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Showcasing the project's contrail detection results at EGU 2024

EGU (European Geosciences Union) General Assembly 2024 was held from April 14 to 19 in Vienna, Austria. An event where the SESAR-funded project E-CONTRAIL has participated with the conference poster "Advancing Contrail Detection Methods over European Skies" conducted by the UC3M researcher Irene Ortiz.

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Advancing Contrail Detection Methods over European Skies

To delve deeper into understanding contrail properties and crafting effective contrail avoidance strategies, it's imperative to employ precise contrail detection and tracking methods. In our work we combine the capabilities of different Convolutional Neural Network architectures for detection of contrails in satellite imagery, while also maintaining temporal coherence across sequences of images using optical flow techniques.

Our forthcoming efforts will prioritize integrating temporal considerations into earlier stages of the contrail detection model. While our initial experiments showcase the integration of these methodologies using Meteosat Second Generation images captured on January 26, 2024, our future work will harness the enhanced temporal and spatial resolution afforded by Meteosat Third Generation images, once they become accessible.


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